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Singapore: Police light up Marina Bay with crowd control lights during New Year’s Eve countdown

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SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN): Light projections and fireworks are set to be a highlight at Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2024 on December 31.

But police will also be deploying their own new lighting for the first time at New Year’s Eve events.

A series of LED lights, developed as part of a police project to improve crowd management, will be deployed across the Marina Bay area in December 2022 during an event attended by around 500,000 people.

LED runway lights, a set of portable flashing lights, will be installed on the ground in the War Memorial Park area to illuminate paths and direct crowds in the right direction.

Runway lighting was first operational during the 2023 National Day Parade.

The lights are not fixed to the ground and can be moved.

Even if it is kicked, it will return to its original position, and even if it is hit by a car, it will continue to function.

LED reflective arrow sheets will also be installed by police in the Marina Bay area, and flashing lights will be installed to direct crowds.

Signs indicating MRT stations in the area and directing the public to detours will be illuminated with police LED lights in dark areas.

Approximately 600 police officers will be deployed to the area during the event.

Police officers will be equipped with body-worn cameras, which were introduced in 2015.

In 2023, police will enable live streaming capabilities on cameras for the first time.

Approximately 600 police officers will be deployed to the area during the event. - ST Photo: Desmond HuApproximately 600 police officers will be deployed to the area during the event. – ST Photo: Desmond Hu

Deputy Superintendent Esther Coe, head of operations at the central station, said live footage from the cameras would enhance police decision-making ability. She said: “Police will be increasing their presence on site (in the Marina Bay area) to ensure public safety and security.

“We encourage members of the public planning to visit Marina Bay to check the Crowd@MarinaBay live map to see real-time crowd conditions and closed areas for various fireworks viewing spots.”

This map was used during the 2023 countdown and updated with more features.

These include real-time updates on the congestion status of MRT stations in the area, marking of ride spots, clear indicators for users to find their way to and from different locations, and more.

The public can access the live map at or by scanning the QR code on signs in the Marina Bay area on December 31 can.

Maps will be available after 7pm that day.

Police will use drones on New Year’s Eve 2022, and they will be deployed again on December 31st.

These are equipped with lights and speakers for crowd control.

On October 29 of the same year, 159 people were killed and 196 injured when the Itaewon Halloween event in South Korea drew large crowds and revelers, concentrating on small alleys leading to the street. As a result, a major concern in 2022 was overcrowding.

Most of the victims were young people who had gone out to enjoy the first Halloween festivities since the coronavirus outbreak in the popular nightlife district.

However, security concerns for the fourth quarter of 2023 include the possibility of an attack in light of the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war.

In November, Home Minister K. Shanmugam said there had been a marked increase in anti-Singapore sentiment on social media, with calls online for Singapore to be targeted with rockets and bombs.

“An attack like the one in Israel could happen anywhere, including here, and people would be encouraged to carry out copycat attacks. The threat is there and it’s growing. Masu.”

Police are urging the public to remain vigilant during the New Year’s Eve festivities.

Anyone with information about suspicious persons or activity should contact Internal Security at 1800-2626-473 or police at 999. – The Straits Times/ANN

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