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China is investigating lip-syncing boy bands.

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Taiwanese pop group Mayday won the Mandarin Album of the Year award for their album “history of tomorrow” at the 28th Golden Melody Awards held on Saturday, June 24, 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Billy Dye/AP

  • Taiwanese pop-rock band Mayday has been accused of lip-syncing.
  • Taiwan claims that China wanted to pressure the band to publicly declare Taiwan under Chinese rule.
  • China denies the allegations, saying that Taiwanese politicians are also seeking political favors.

of Chinese government is investigating a Taiwanese boy band accused of lip-syncing a performance, but Taiwanese authorities say the investigation is politically motivated.

An investigation into allegations that Taiwanese band Mayday lip-synced during a live performance began in November. wall street journal This was reported citing Chinese state media.

The investigation was triggered by video blogger’s According to CNN, the post on the Chinese social media app Bilibili. Video bloggers who analyzed live performances claimed that Mayday’s lead singer sounded too perfect on some songs. The claim was later spread on Chinese social media site Weibo.

The band has repeatedly denied the allegations.

According to the Chinese, lip-syncing is considered a means of “deceiving viewers” and the band could be fined 100,000 yuan (about $14,000). regulatory guidelines. Repeated violations of the guidelines, which were first introduced in 2021, can also result in the revocation of your running license.

Now, Taiwanese authorities are hitting back at Beijing, claiming the investigation is retaliation for the band’s refusal to publicly declare that Taiwan remains an active state. independence from chinais actually under Beijing’s authority.

Reuters It also reported viewing an internal security memo by Taiwanese officials expressing similar claims. CNN, citing two unnamed Taiwanese intelligence officials, reported that the band had refused multiple requests since May. Officials told CNN that the Chinese government also coordinated discussions about the band’s lip-syncing on social media to introduce an investigation.

Spokesperson Chen Binhua said: Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Councildenied Taiwan’s claims, saying the Democratic Progressive Party fabricated the story for political reasons.

Democratic Party’s leading candidates is calleddestroyer of peace He received the “Beyond the Taiwan Strait” award from the Taiwan Affairs Bureau for his comments on Taiwan’s sovereignty. According to ReutersCurrent Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-de, who is running for the 2024 presidential election, said, “Taiwan’s basic position is that Taiwan’s sovereignty and independence belong to its 23 million people, not to the People’s Republic of China.” ”.

tension between China and Taiwan China claims it has the right to rule the island nation, and its interest has grown in recent years.Chinese President Xi Jinping He hinted at invasion as a last resort in his State of the Nation address, reportedly telling President Joe Biden he intended to occupy Taiwan. However, the timing was not disclosed.

The Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party and the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department did not respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment.

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