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Conad confirms leadership position in Italy

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Retailer Conad plans to achieve impressive growth in 2023, consolidating its position as Italy’s leading supermarket chain.

According to preliminary data, Conad is expected to record overall sales of €20.2 billion in 2023, an increase of 9.1% compared to 2022, with a focus on digital innovation initiatives such as private label brands and the Hey Conad platform. Increase.

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Despite a difficult year for consumer spending, Conad maintained its leadership position in the market, holding a 15% share, and sales increased by 9.6% (up 7.9% year-on-year).

All segments of retailers showed positive growth, with hypermarkets like Spazio Conad expanding by 7.7% and proximity brands like TuDay Conad and Conad City (+8.5%), resulting in the supermarket channel The overall increase was 8.7%.

Konado’s Bassi & Fishi The program, which offers baskets of essential items at deep discounts, continues to be appreciated by budget-conscious shoppers, and in 2023, customers saved an average of 27.8% through this initiative.

The Italian retail giant is in the midst of a €2 billion investment plan over three years (2023-2025).

Conad’s private brands also continued to show growth, delivering a revenue increase of €6 billion (+12.9%).

hi konado

Over the past year, the retailer’s digital platform, Hey Conad, has introduced new services that go beyond online shopping, including travel, cultural and leisure experiences. In 2024, more services will be added, with pet care, finance, insurance, and mobility services joining the platform.

Beyond traditional supermarkets, Conad is diversifying its network through concept stores. In 2023, 27 new pharmacies, opticians, forecourt stores and pet shops were opened, bringing the group’s total number of sales points to 3,951.

Conado expects growth to outpace inflation going forward, with an average growth rate of around 5% through 2025.

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