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Denmark accepts quota of 200 refugees, mainly from Rwanda, Eritrea and Afghanistan

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Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration Kaare Dyvvad Beg recently announced Denmark’s decision to take in 200 refugees as part of its 2023 quota.

According to a report on, the minister clarified that the selected quota refugees will mainly consist of people from refugee camps in Rwanda, as well as Eritrean and Afghan refugees who have taken refuge in neighboring countries. I made it.

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration said in a statement that, like last year, priority will be given to women and children.

We must limit the number of illegal asylum seekers who end up here through cynical human traffickers. It’s horrifying that while migrants are drowning in the Mediterranean, those responsible break into safes.

Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration Kaare Dyvvad Beg

Furthermore, Minister Bek underlined the Government’s strong support for a system that facilitates the arrival of refugees in Denmark through well-organized arrangements. He also emphasized the importance of the numbers chosen and stressed that successful integration depends on effective flow management.

The Minister further emphasized the need to be cautious and find a delicate balance in this process. He said it was essential to recognize that the numbers chosen were critical to the pace of integration.

Achieving the right balance requires exercising prudence and refraining from making hasty decisions, Bek said. At the same time, the Minister said he strongly believed that maintaining the 200 refugee quota was a reasonable approach to achieving this balance.

Mohammad Rona, the moderate Immigration and Integration Rapporteur, also expressed his party’s position on immigration, stressing the importance of limiting immigration to Denmark. He emphasized the importance of the chosen number in this context and expressed satisfaction with the decision to set the annual refugee quota at 200 people.

I am happy that our Governments have agreed on 200 refugee quotas for 2023, but for me it is paramount that we take this seriously and actually accept the mutually agreed number of refugee quotas. .

Mohammad Rona, moderate immigration and integration rapporteur

Furthermore, Denmark has consistently complied with its commitment to admit a quota of 200 refugees per year, extending this practice into 2020, 2021, and 2022. In 2020, all 200 people in the quota successfully entered Denmark. As for the 2021 capacity, 159 people have already arrived, with the rest scheduled to phase in in the first half of 2024.

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