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Crown Princess Mary is philosophical in her Christmas statement amid allegations of infidelity surrounding her marriage to Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik

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Crown Princess Mary of Denmark was in a philosophical mood as she released a Christmas statement on behalf of the foundation known in Danish as Mary Vonden. After a difficult period for the Danish royal family, with speculation rife over Prince Frederick’s late-night appearance with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova (aptly named), Princess Mary’s statement confirms that she has expressed her feelings. This suggests that they are thinking of consolidating and reconciling.

The post had a tear-jerking feel to it, lyrically depicting the need for human connection. It seemed to advocate a communitarian vision of life in which humans depended on each other to thrive. “We need each other to succeed,” she wrote in her post, which was originally written in Danish. And it doesn’t just apply to the working world or those of us working to combat social isolation. This applies to all of us. Humans need humans.”

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The real question is whether this speculation was prompted by rumors surrounding the crown prince’s night out with Casanova. Bizarre public displays of comfort with other adult women. Did Frederick’s indiscretion lead to serious negotiations between the Crown Prince and Princess? Is this statement an expression of reconciliation? Or did they sweep it under the rug and the princess made a cryptic statement like this, suggesting to him that “we need each other”?

Princess Mary is originally Australian and was actually born on the island of Tasmania, but she has four children with Prince Frederick. She was formerly known as Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, but she is now known as Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Montpezat. She met the prince at a pub with the hideous name Slip Inn in Sydney, where he was visiting during the 2000 Olympics. Tatler We recently revisited the fascinating story of their courtship.

While there are many other worthy philanthropic works, Mary Fonden is perhaps the jewel in the crown of Mary’s work. She founded this organization in her 2007 and aimed to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children. Since then, she has won numerous awards.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 2018

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, 2018

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