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Denmark joins Sweden in donating tanks to Ukraine at a cost of over 240 million euros

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Copenhagen announced on Monday that it would follow in the footsteps of Stockholm in donating tanks to Kiev, which continues to fight the Russian invasion.


Denmark’s government announced on Monday that it will participate in Sweden’s donation of CV90 light tanks to Ukraine worth a total of 241 million euros (equivalent to 1.8 billion Danish crowns).

“The government, in cooperation with the Swedish government, has decided to co-finance the donation of CV90 infantry fighting vehicles already underway and the production of additional tanks,” the Danish Ministry of Defense said in a news release.

The donation package will include spare parts and ammunition, as well as an agreement between Sweden and Denmark to provide post-delivery maintenance.

The announcement is further good news for Kiev from Copenhagen. Last week, the Danish government announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth about 1 billion euros, a day after leaders from the Nordic countries met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

The donation comes as further significant aid from the US appears to have been temporarily blocked by Republicans in Congress, with a new EU aid package worth 50 billion euros last blocked by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. It comes at a time when Ukraine needs all the help it can get. week.

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