Sunday, March 3, 2024

Denmark joins US-led naval operation

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Denmark strengthens maritime security with commitment to US-led naval operations

In a decisive move towards strengthening global maritime security, Denmark confirmed its determination to participate in the US-led naval operation in the Red Sea. The operation is scheduled to begin in January 2024 and aims to improve the safety of ships navigating areas plagued by piracy and other security threats.

Denmark’s commitment to send a frigate to this operation demonstrates the country’s active participation in collective security efforts. This measure is evidence of Denmark’s broader defense and foreign policy strategy, underscoring the value of multilateral engagement and the country’s role in contributing to international peace and security.

A route full of danger

The Red Sea is an important shipping hub, accounting for about 12% of global trade, and a hotspot for attacks by Houthi militants. These attacks forced many ships to reroute around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, significantly increasing sailing times and costs.

The naval operation, dubbed Operation Prosperity Guardian, attracted the support of more than 20 countries. However, some allies have expressed reluctance to publicly support or join the coalition due to concerns about the divisive nature of conflicts in the region and potential backlash from their populations. . Despite these complexities, many European and Gulf states are already engaged in U.S.-led military efforts in the Middle East, and some level of indirect support and coordination may still be feasible. It suggests.

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