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Denmark orders military to protect Israeli and Jewish strongholds in the country

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The Danish government has sent troops to help police protect Jewish and Israeli sites amid a surge in anti-Semitism at home and abroad, it was announced on Saturday.

Denmark’s Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday that soldiers would guard the Israeli embassy and a Copenhagen synagogue. “The terrorist threat to Denmark is serious,” said the country’s Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard. “And the conflicts in the Middle East have led to a rise in anti-Semitism, which is completely unacceptable.” [sic] And there was even more unrest among Denmark’s Jews. ”

According to Bloomberg News, this need comes at a time when police resources are stretched thin due to large-scale protests over the war in Gaza and events where participants burn Korans, a phenomenon seen across Scandinavia. It is said that this is occurring.

In September, the Danish government introduced a ban on the burning of religious documents, leading to more Quran burnings in protest. These events require a large police presence.

Flag of Denmark – Dannebrog (Credit: Per Palmkvist Knudsen / CC-SA 2.5 GENERIC)

Military assistance begins on Wednesday

“I am pleased that the Armed Forces have resumed their support for police security in the city of Copenhagen. This will free up more resources for other important police tasks,” Hummelgaard said.

Military assistance is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, December 6th. The government said the support will be continually evaluated.

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