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TIME Out’s annual announcement of the world’s coolest neighborhoods in 2023 has shocked the world. Born from the voices of 12,000 city residents and refined by expert city editors, this list captures the essence of a vibrant region of life, culture and unique character. Amongst the illustrious top ten, both Hong Kong and Denmark, especially Copenhagen’s Havnen, secured this prestigious top ten spot.

The methodology behind timeout rankings

The methodology behind this prestigious ranking is elegantly simple yet powerfully effective. By tapping into the emotions of local residents, we dig deep into the beating heart of neighborhoods, unearthing their unique charms rooted in community spirit, access to green space, and vibrant street life.

In this roster of 40 world cities, Europe proudly stakes its claim with 17 participating cities. These European cities attract people with their blend of contemporary art spaces, music venues, and established eateries, fostering a combination of modernity and tradition.

Fusion of tradition and modernity

Havnen in Copenhagen, Denmark emerges as an example of this perfect blend. Often hailed as the “living room of the city” by Copenhagen urban architect Camilla van Deurs, Havnen represents the transformation from an industrial port district to a thriving, independent district lined with stunning Scandinavian architecture. Its evolution as a creative hub for design and architecture studios further enhances its appeal.

The beauty of Hafnen lies not just in its trendy cafes and nightlife, but in its community spirit and thriving traditional local businesses. Lined with boats, floating rafts, paddle boards, and swimming pools, the waterfront will be transformed into a playground where residents and visitors will participate in a variety of water-based activities. Sustainability plays a central role here, evidenced by initiatives such as the Green Kayak program for trash collection, demonstrating a community committed to protecting the environment.

More than just a waterfront city

But Havnen extends far beyond the waterfront. Stretching from Syhavn in the south to the architectural district of Nordhavn in the north, this diverse district includes the beautiful area of ​​Nyhavn, home to the Royal Danish Theater and Ofeliaplatz. The Kissing Bridge leads to the Opera Park, and new establishments such as Hart Badgeri Holmen Bakery and Papiroen’s “Urban Oasis” are attracting tourists.

Essentially, Havnen embodies the vibrancy and charm of Copenhagen and stands as a testament to the neighborhood’s evolution. A blend of modernity, a commitment to sustainability, and a vibrant community spirit will cement its place as one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods in 2023, attracting tourists and locals alike. You are invited to enjoy everything this city has to offer.

Other cities in the top 10 are:

Laureles, Medellin, Colombia

smithfield, dublin, ireland

Carabanchel, Madrid, Spain

Havenen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

brunswick east, melbourne, australia

Mid City, New Orleans, USA

Isola, Milan, Italy

Amsterdam West, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Japan, Tokyo, Tomigaya

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