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Denmark’s King Frederick X and Queen Mary will make their first state visit in May

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Denmark’s King Frederick His son Crown Prince Christian, 18, is likely to act as Denmark’s leader again during his parents’ state visit starting in May. File photo: Bo Amstrup/UPI
King Charles III (left) attends the coronation of Prince Charles in London, England in May 2023, and meets with then-Crown Princess Mary and then-Crown Prince of Denmark Frederick at Buckingham Palace. Charles and Frederick are blood cousins ​​as well as several other European royal families, including Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway. Photo courtesy of Royal Family/UPI

February 9 (UPI) — Denmark’s new king and queen will tour their country and neighboring countries on their first official state visit to two other countries as Denmark’s new head of state, the Royal Palace in Copenhagen announced on Friday.

King Frederick X and Queen Mary will first visit Sweden and Norway, then Greenland and the Faroe Islands, also part of the Kingdom of Denmark.


“The first state visit will be an opportunity for the new king and queen to meet the monarchs of Sweden and Norway, demonstrating the close ties between the Nordic monarchies.

The King and Duchess will be sailing aboard the royal yacht Dannebrog during an “interim” visit to Sweden from May 6th to 7th, Norway from May 14th to 15th, and the Faroe Islands on June 11th. I am planning to travel on the . 14th, then in Greenland from June 29th to July 8th.

Frederik was Denmark’s second-longest reigning monarch when he took over the throne from his father, the late King Christian, before his mother, the former Queen Margaret II, was forced to step down as a surprise. Following the announcement, he ascended the throne in January. X–1972.

Following a series of abdications by kings in recent years, the move follows a series of abdications by kings in recent years, following the death of Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 and the accession to the throne of Charles III, a cousin of the royal families of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Margarete’s abdication has been decided. This was followed by Japan’s current Emperor Akihito in 2019 and Spain’s former King Juan Carlos in 2014.

Former Queen Margrethe will continue to be called Her Majesty and can serve as regent or acting head of state in place of King Frederik X, but the new king’s son, Crown Prince Christian, is likely to assume the role. She was set to act as the country’s leader in place of her father during her parents’ trip starting in early May.

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