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Double trailer truck combination to be tested in Denmark from January

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The EMS2 truck combination consists of a truck with two semi-trailers, the rear semi-trailer connected to the front semi-trailer via a dolly.

The main objective of this initiative is to enable companies to make maximum use of their existing equipment and reduce the need for large investments to participate in pilot programs.

To meet the technical requirements of the test plan, the Danish Transport Authority has introduced a new presidential directive outlining specifications for vehicle interiors, equipment, presentation, weight, dimensions and appearance. These regulations are detailed in Law No. 1570 of December 12, 2023 “Experimentation of double trailer vehicle combinations”.

Under the new regulations, double-trailer truck combinations are permitted with a maximum length of 34.00 meters and a maximum weight of 72 tonnes. This regulation will allow a company to transport his two semi-trailers with his one truck, potentially leading to more efficient and sustainable transportation practices.

The executive order also specifies various technical aspects, including requirements for electronic stability control (ESC), visibility, brakes, engine power, bodywork, structure, coupling devices, etc. In particular, all vehicles in the double trailer truck set must be equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic braking systems (EBS) to ensure safety during operation.

In terms of length, a double trailer HGV combination must not exceed 32.00 meters. The exception is those towed by trucks using alternative propellants, zero-emission technology, or equipped with approved aerodynamic devices or extended aerodynamic cabs, with a maximum length of 32.00 meters. 34.00 meters.

To ensure compliance, the Executive Order requires that relevant documents, including each vehicle’s registration certificate and other necessary records, be carried during travel and presented upon request by authorities.

However, as outlined in Article 25 of the Order, violations of specified regulations may result in fines. Enforcement of these regulations is aimed at maintaining safety standards and adhering to test plan parameters.

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