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Elisa Finland acquires Elenia’s fiber network, serving 8,000 facilities

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Elisa Finland acquires Elenia's fiber network, serving 8,000 facilities
Finnish telecommunications service provider Elisa has announced the acquisition of utility company Elenia’s fiber optic network to strengthen its existing infrastructure. Elisa said in an official release that through the acquisition of Elenia’s fiber optic network, it aims to strengthen its fiber optic network in central Finland, the Tampere region and northern Ostrobothnia. The transaction is expected to become effective on December 31, 2023.

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Expanding coverage in key regions

Elisa highlighted that Elenia’s fiber optic network currently serves around 8,000 households and small businesses in cities such as Akaa, Hameenlinna, Jyväskylä, Kalajoki, Kangasala, Laukaa, Lempara, Nokia, Olivesi and Viitasaari. Did. Elisa plans to maintain and develop this acquired fiber network in the future.

With this move, Elisa expanded its fiber network to additional facilities in Central Finland, Pirkanmaa and Northern Ostrobothnia, complementing its existing coverage of approximately 200,000 facilities.

network development

“Elisa has been providing fixed network broadband services in central Finland, the Tampere region and Ostrobothnia for several years. This transaction will enable Elisa to offer fiber network services to more customers in these regions. “Fibre-optic connectivity in the region is growing and we look forward to continuing to develop our network and services. Elenia has played a key role in the vibrant fiber-optic market. , our customers can rest assured of Elisa’s responsible long-term business and transparent contract model.” Elisa Said.

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Elenia’s contribution to fiber connectivity

According to an official statement, Elenia began construction of a fiber network in 2019 in parallel with the development of the power grid, with the aim of promoting fast and reliable data connections in Finland.

“The fiber optic market has changed over the years, and we want to ensure that our customers continue to benefit not only from high-speed connectivity, but also from high-quality fiber optic services. There are a wide range of opportunities to develop our services and further.” Elenia.

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Elisa’s current network range

Elisa highlighted that the company’s fiber- or cable modem-based high-speed connections are available in more than one million households and commercial establishments in Finland.

Regarding 5G mobile networks, Elisafirst launched its 5G network in Finland in 2019 and revealed that its network already covers 90% of Finland’s population.

Additionally, Elisa confirmed that the 3G network was completely shut down on December 19th and the frequencies were reused to improve the 4G and 5G networks. Elisa expects her 6G technology to appear by the end of this decade.

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