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Finland joins Baltic neighbors to ban Russian-registered cars from entering their territory

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Finland on Friday joined the Baltic states in banning vehicles with Russian license plates from entering its territory. This is a joint measure in line with the latest interpretation of the European Union’s sanctions against Russia over its war with Ukraine.

According to Finnish broadcaster YLE, the Nordic EU member state’s Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen said the ban would stop private cars from entering Finland as of late Friday night.

Earlier this week, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Measures have been taken. Estonia said the decision was “subject to the following additional interpretations”: Sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation The European Commission announced this on September 8th.

As for Kaliningrad, an enclave surrounded by Lithuania, Russian citizens will continue to be able to travel by rail in the southernmost Baltic state.

Based on the EU decision, cars registered in the Russian Federation are banned from entering the 27 member states, including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Baltic countries are one of Europe’s most vocal critics Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

YLE said Russian-registered cars with fewer than 10 occupants will no longer be allowed to enter Finland from Russia, although there are likely to be some exceptions.

In April, Finland joined NATO, doubling Russia’s borders with the world’s largest security alliance. Finland shares her 1,340 km (832 mi) border with its eastern neighbor.

The three Baltic states are also NATO members.

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