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Finland to be hit by cold waves early in the new year | Eel News

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Temperatures in the south are expected to reach around -18C by next Friday, with temperatures likely to drop to -28C in Finnish Lapland.

A winter landscape with frost-covered trees against a backdrop of fields and the setting sun.

Image: Heli Korhonen

According to the forecast, temperatures are expected to plummet across Finland on New Year’s Eve, and the next 10 days are expected to be quite cold.

However, it is unclear exactly what conditions will be on the ground, as cloud cover can significantly affect temperatures.

By Sunday, New Year’s Eve, it will be extremely cold across the country, with temperatures in the south expected to hover around -15 degrees Celsius.

Weather map for Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Temperatures are becoming increasingly cold, reaching -12 degrees Celsius in southern Finland and Lapland on Sunday.

Image: Ale

Similar conditions are expected in Finnish Lapland as we head into 2024, with temperatures expected to plummet to -28 degrees Celsius by the end of next week.

Temperatures along the south coast will be around -4C on Saturday, but will drop to -11C on Sunday. Temperatures in the south are expected to reach around -18 degrees Celsius by next Friday.

Snow will fall locally in the south over the weekend, with up to 5 centimeters of snow expected.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) issued a warning for slippery road conditions in the southern and southwestern regions on Friday, and a similar warning was extended to the southern and southeastern regions on Saturday.

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