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Monday, July 22, 2024

Israel warns Denmark about its Hamas leader, raising concerns about Jewish safety

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Israeli Diaspora Minister Amichai Tsikri sent a letter to his Danish counterpart stating that “Hamas is operating in Denmark under the leadership of a man named Hussein El Khodor.”

Israel’s Diaspora Minister Amichai Tsikri warned his Danish counterpart that Danish imams were acting as leaders of the terrorist group Hamas, but the publicity of the letter sparked a backlash of criticism against Israel. Just.

“Hamas is active in Denmark under the leadership of a man named Hussein El Khodor,” the Israeli minister said in the letter, which was revealed by Danish journalist Yotam Confino. The imam denies his involvement in terrorist organizations.

“I have never supported Hamas. Never have. I respect all the people here in Denmark. I explained and emphasized that I am against all issues,” Hoddle said. tv 2.

On-site interview with Danish counter-terrorism expert tv 2 It said publicly available evidence was weak, with only a photo of the imam with Hamas chairman Ismail Haniyeh and interviews with Hamas governing bodies. Al Aqsa TV channel.

Tomer Neuberg/Flash90
Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikuli speaks at the conference.Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Rather, Danish counterterrorism experts criticized Israel’s boldness in issuing the warning at ministerial level rather than through intelligence channels.

On November 5, Tsikli sent an email to Sophie Rode, Denmark’s Minister of Interior and Health, expressing concern for Jews and Danish society in general. It contained photographic and video documents that the Israeli minister believed would lead to further investigation by Danish authorities.

Mats Klaus Rasmussen/Litzau Scanpics/AFP
Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen speaks to Palestinian demonstrators after a torchlight procession commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Night of Broken Glass in Copenhagen, Denmark.Mats Klaus Rasmussen/Litzau Scanpics/AFP

On December 14, Danish authorities arrested several people in a coordinated operation across Europe to address the “very serious” threat of terrorist attacks linked to Hamas and the war in Gaza.

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