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Italy ends tax breaks for foreign soccer players

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December 29th (THEWILL) – The Italian government has decided not to extend a controversial tax break that benefited high-paid foreign soccer players playing in Serie A. With this tax cut, foreign players can now pay only half of their income in taxes for the first year. 5th year living in Italy.

Italian Football Players’ Association (AIC) president Umberto Calcagno welcomed the decision to end the tax cut. He said in a statement Friday that Italian and foreign athletes can now “compete on the same level.” Calcagno thanked the government for eliminating what he called unfair penalties for domestic football.

The tax cut was opposed by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini of the anti-immigration League party. League lawmaker Lucca Toccarini said the tax discount for billionaire foreign players was “immoral”. The government’s decision came after Serie A clubs lobbied for the bailout to remain in place.

Serie A has expressed concern that the removal of tax incentives will reduce the international competitiveness and income of Italian teams. This could mean fewer resources for developing domestic talent and lower overall tax revenues.

However, abolishing the tax exemption for foreign players would fulfill a populist campaign promise. The move suggests that immigration and fairness are priorities for Italy’s new government, rather than strengthening the finances of Serie A clubs.

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