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USGC investigates use of sorghum feed in Spain

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SEGOVIA, Spain — The United States Grains Council (USGC) is partnering with private research institute Animal Data Analytics (ADA) to introduce sorghum into pig feed in Spain in an effort to encourage end users to incorporate sorghum into their diets. A test was conducted on the use of sorghum.

The USGC said feeding trials are an effective way to market ingredients as ingredients, allowing millers to understand the impact on their bottom line before deciding to purchase a premium product. A thorough understanding of return on investment can help inform producers who are hesitant to consider alternatives to locally available raw materials.

“The Council is excited to partner with the ADA to facilitate this trial,” said USGC World Trade Manager Jace Hefner, who traveled to Segovia, Spain to observe the start of the trial. . “This measurement of the effectiveness of sorghum in pig feed will not only strengthen the use of feed grains in the Iberian Peninsula, but will also be useful in markets around the world where quality standards for pork products are increasing.”

The trial consisted of 288 pigs fed three different diets: a traditional Spanish control diet of wheat and barley, a maize-based diet, and a sorghum-based diet. Animals are fed for 77 days, including 28 days of growth and 49 days of finishing. Once the trial is completed in February 2024, the effects of diet on health, performance, fat consistency, meat quality and color, and environmental impact will be measured and compiled.

According to the USGC, the incorporation of sorghum in Iberian pig diets has historically shown better performance than competing feeds in the global market, especially when compared to those originating from Spain and neighboring trading partner countries. It is said to be remarkable.

“There is no doubt about the quality of U.S. sorghum, and the Council’s tireless support of agricultural research and testing continues to demonstrate its value to importers and international producers,” said Heffner.

The United States is the world’s largest exporter of sorghum, with 7.4 million tons shipped to 21 countries in the 2021-22 marketing year.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service, the Spanish feed market (formulation and farm) uses approximately 26 million tons of grain per year, representing approximately 75% of the country’s total consumption.

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