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Italy: San Remo 2024 Winner Betting Race for 2 based on odds! – Eurovision News | Music

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tonight is the last night 74th Sanremo Festival. After four nights of his great success in terms of ratings and more, the music festival is coming to a close with the grand final. The winner will have the right to represent Italy at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Malmö in May.

If the Sanremo Organizing Committee does not wish to do so, the Sanremo Organizing Committee reserves the right to choose other participants according to its own criteria.

betting odds

Who is the winner of the betting odds?

Who is expected to win the trophy: race for two.In the first place angelina mango with her song “La Noia” A very close second place to her is Giorie with the song “I p’ me, tu p’ te.”

It looks like it will be a very interesting night with many twists and turns.

Sanremo odds (1)

Sanremo odds (1)

Sanremo odds (2)

Sanremo odds (2)

tonight’s show schedule

Tonight’s fifth and final show of the 74th Sanremo Festival is the most important, as the 30 contestants will perform their third and final song. After the competition portion of the show, an overall score will be announced and the top five songs will be selected to compete again in a new round for the trophy. This process will also require a new round of voting.

The songs and performers for tonight’s Sanremo final performance are as follows.

  1. francesco brick and neck – “Pazzo di Te”
  2. big mama – “La rabia non ti busta”
  3. gazelle – “Tut Ki”
  4. Dargen D’Amico – “Onda Alta”
  5. Il Volo – “Capolavolo”
  6. Loredana Berthe – “Pazza”
  7. Negramaro – “Rikomin Chamo Tutto”
  8. mahmud – “Toota Gold”
  9. Santi Francesi – “Bocca’s L’Amore”
  10. Diodato – “Ti Muovi”
  11. Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa”
  12. Alessandra Amoroso – “Fino a Cui”
  13. alpha – “Vai!”
  14. Irama – “Tuno”
  15. Girly – “Casa Mia”
  16. Annalisa – “Sinceramente”
  17. angelina mango – “La Noia”
  18. Giorie – “I am me, tu p’ te.”
  19. emma – “Apnea”
  20. Il Tre – “Fragili”
  21. Ricci et Poveri – “Ma non tutta la vita”
  22. colors – “Un ragazzo una ragazza”
  23. Maninni – “Spetta Corale”
  24. la sade – “Autodistruttivo”
  25. Mr. Rain – “Du Altaren”
  26. fred de palma – “Il Cielo Non Si Voore”
  27. San Giovanni – “Finishimi”
  28. Clara – “Diamanti Grezzi”
  29. Bnkr44 – “Governor Punk”
  30. rose villain – “Click Dawn!”

In the first stage, the results will be determined 100% by televoting. Today’s results will then be added to the previous 4 days’ results for Sanremo 2024. The sum of all these results determines the top five (day 4 also counts, even though the contestants are performing covers rather than original songs). (Please note that during each show, a portion of the current results will be published just before the end of the current show… Only a portion of the preliminary overall results will be shown just before the end or at the beginning of the current show) (of the next program) – The top 5 players will replay their entries or a medley will be broadcast. The winner will then be determined by three votes: 34% TV voting, 33% Press, TV and Web judges, and 33% Radio judges.

How can I watch Sanremo 2024?

You can watch the Sanremo 2024 Festival live on TV on Rai1 and also on the RaiPlay website at 22:45 CET.

If you love Italian music and can put up with endless Italian shows with lots of guests, endless conversations, and other types of interruptions that push the broadcast past 2 a.m., then listen to the Italian greats. Please join us in this festival. The music that launched the careers of world-famous stars.

Source: Eurovision World

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