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Live discussion: UMK 2024 in Finland

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it’s time Cha cha chaas Finland prepares to decide which countries will participate in Eurovision 2024. Saturday, February 10th. The show will be held at the Nokia Arena in Tampere.

7 artists will compete Uden Mushkin Killpile 2024or UMK2024, to win the golden ticket to Eurovision. Artists include reader favorites, Sarah Siipolain the Finnish ballad “Pascana”, and UMK 2022 runner-up, cyan kick.

Join the live discussion in the comments section below when the show starts at 20:00 CET.

UMK 2024 execution order

  1. Sini Sabotage – “Quoli Mua”
  2. Cyan Kicks – “Dancing with Demons”
  3. Jesse Merkin – “Glow”
  4. Michael Gabriel and Nubre – “Vox Populi”
  5. Sara Siipola – “Pascana”
  6. Sex Mane – “Mania”
  7. Windows95man – “There are no rules!”

How to watch UMK 2024

UMK 2024 starts on Saturday, February 10th at 20:00 CET. The show will be broadcast live on Yle’s website. The UMK site also allows you to watch programs with commentary in seven languages.

UMK 2024 Results

The results of UMK 2024 will be determined by a combination of 25% international jury group and 75% public voting.

International examination results

  1. Sarah Siipola – 70 points
  2. Cyan Kick – 48 points
  3. Michael Gabriel and Nubre – 42 points
  4. Shini Interference – 38 points
  5. Jesse Merkin – 34 points
  6. Sex Mane – 34 points
  7. Windows95man – 28 points

public vote

stay tuned!

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