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After a whimsical year in 2022, with Queen Margrethe’s Golden Jubilee and Crown Princess Mary’s 50th birthdayth Although it was his birthday, Prince Joachim’s stripping of his child’s title also made global headlines. The Danish royal family must have been hoping for a calmer year in 2023.

In many ways, it was quiet and stable. There were still moments of splendor and solemnity, such as when Prince Christian was 18 years October birthday celebration. But there have been moments of scandal, including compromising photos of Crown Prince Frederik and his female friends published in tabloids, and rumors that all is not well have taken a toll on his 19-year marriage.

Queen Margrethe took time off to undergo major back surgery. Prince Joachim has accepted a new job in the United States. There’s a new baby in the family… let’s review!

One thing we can look forward to from the Danish royal family is a great new year. Queen Margrethe hosted the annual Embankment in a new dress for the first time in 25 years.

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Just a few days later, she resigned as one of her patrons in protest against Russia. In February she canceled her vacation due to health concerns. And this year, two royal foundations announced significant donations.

In February, the Royal Yacht Danne blog announced its summer sailing schedule. A few days later, Queen Margrethe announced that she would soon undergo major surgery on her back. She also took time to criticize President Putin in her major interview before undergoing her surgery.

In early March, Denmark’s Royal Court announced that Queen Margrethe had been discharged from hospital and would require long-term treatment following back surgery. Crown Prince Frederik became regent while his mother was powerless, and took time to express support for Ukraine on the anniversary of the conflict.

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Queen Margrethe’s recovery was so extensive that she was unable to attend the coronation of King Charles III in May (she was attended instead by the Crown Prince and Duchess). However, she appeared on the balcony on her birthday on April 16th. She is currently Europe’s longest-reigning monarch, so we’ve covered her reign elsewhere with photos of her.

In May, we shared the news that King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway would be making an official visit to Denmark next month. Although the prince and his wife ultimately played a larger role in the visit, there was still time for Queen Margrethe to greet her cousins.

At the end of July we shared Queen Margrethe’s summer plans and covered her trip on the Royal Yacht in September. In the same month, the Danish royal family confirmed that they also attended King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Golden Jubilee (although Princess Benedict remained as regent).

Queen Margrethe attended the opening ceremony of Parliament in October, and her attempt at wearing a hat became a hot topic. She visited the synagogue that month as well. In December, the Danish royal family announced their family-friendly Christmas plans, sharing behind-the-scenes snaps of both their Christmas preparations and the 2024 New Year’s embankment.

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Meanwhile, Crown Prince Frederick gained patronage through the support of Danish architecture. At the end of January, the location of the 2023 Royal Run was announced. In March, we shared how to train for the Royal Run and Crown Prince Frederick. I shared a photo of my Royal Run medal in April. In May, the Crown Prince and Prince Vincent spoke about their training for the Royal Run.

The crown prince held a secret meeting in February to celebrate his love for his wife. The Crown Prince and his wife made official visits to India in February and March, and we covered them here. Crown Prince Frederik attended a military parade and the consecration of a new bishop for his mother in Odense in April. He also visited the Danish military.

At the end of April, Prince Frederick visited Britain on behalf of his mother and presented the flag to the Princess of Wales’s 4th Battalion of the Royal Regiment (of which Queen Margrethe is colonel).

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In November, during a state visit to Spain, Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary were embroiled in scandal, with photos of the future king and the aristocracy appearing in tabloid newspapers.

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Crown Princess Mary’s first official official role was in mid-January, when she served as regent for her mother-in-law and her husband, who were in Greece for the funeral of former King Constantine.

In February, she attended the EliteForsk Awards. In April, we shared details of a sentimental work trip to Australia and her trip to Milan for Design Week. Also in April, Crown Princess Mary visited Vanuatu to inspect the damage caused by the cyclone in the region.

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When the Women’s World Cup took over our screens in August, the Prince and Duchess shared their support for the Danish team, even though it was against Prince Mary’s home country of Australia. Her Crown Princess hosted the First Lady of Ukraine at the opening of the new National Bereavement Center and wrote a letter to her late mother. In December, she reflected on the year gone by for the Mary Foundation.

Prince Christian celebrated his 18th birthday in October, but shared the news in June that he would be forgoing his royal allowance until he turns 21 or becomes Crown Prince.something about prince christian did Will it be June? His driver’s license!

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The Danish royal family announced Prince Christian’s birthday plans in August, sharing a new portrait of the future king. This month he also became godfather to the infant Prince Gustav Albrecht of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

As October rolls around, we’ve been busy wall-to-wall with coverage of Prince Christian’s birthday. There was a retrospective about his birth and childhood. A documentary documenting his research as a future king. Royal guest list. Let’s take a look at his education. Details of the party waiting for him. A new stamp commemorates his coming of age. and a special photo album shared by his parents.

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On his actual birthday, Prince Christian was cheered on the balcony with a flag. In addition to the royal family, his gala dinner included young guests from all over the Kingdom of Denmark. More official portraits have been unveiled, including one of five future European monarchs.

We also made our own album over the weekend. And my personal favorite headline of the weekend: Cinderella Leaving Her High Heels Behind. Prince Christian received the Order of the Elephant from his grandmother (his special medal is from his late grandfather Prince Henrik). Here we have covered the glorious history of the Order.

In November, Prince Christian swore an oath to uphold the Danish constitution and formally accept the role. He is already an adult and can ascend to the throne without a regent, but he will not receive a seat on the council until his reign changes.

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine celebrated their 12th birthdayth Added new portraits for birthdays in early January. Princess Isabella, who turned 16 in April, has unveiled a new portrait of herself. In August, Princess Josephine started attending her new school. In December, Prince Vincent created a storm as part of his annual digital His Advent Her calendar. The Crown Prince and his family also shared a video call with the astronaut as part of their calendar!

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Prince Joachim has a new job as defense attaché at the Danish embassy in Washington, D.C., starting in the fall. And despite the reduction in the titles of his children and his work outside Denmark, parliament did not want Prince Joachim to give up his allowance, which was announced in April.

Speaking of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, we covered their 2008 wedding here. Princess Marie visited Paris and Lyon at the end of January for her cooking competition. In April she held an autism conference.

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I’m not sure if 2024 can be said to have started the way Count Nikolai, Count Felix, Count Henrik, or Countess Athena expected… As of midnight on January 1st, they were Princes. / demoted from princess to earl/countess. At the end of January, they were still making headlines after we asked whether Nikolai and Felix were still called princes (yes, but their mother told reporters that they were updating their documents). ).

Count Henrik’s approval date has been announced and featured here. Count Nikolai announced that he will study abroad in Australia.

Other articles covered Countess Alexandra’s career change and the birth of a son between Prince Gustav and Princess Karina (Princess Benedicte’s eldest son). We also took note of Queen Margrethe and Princess Marie’s unique patriotic engagement rings. Princess Benedicte showed off her Christmas decorations.

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