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Jamie Dornan is ‘very intrigued’ by the prospect of Irish unity

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Hollywood star Jamie Dornan has said he is “very intrigued” by the prospect of a united Ireland. The Fifty Shades of Gray star, who is from Belfast, has given his views on Northern Ireland’s place in the UK.

Speaking candidly to Radio Times ahead of the release of the second season of his hit show The Tourist, the 41-year-old called for open-minded debate and stressed the need for people to understand the realities of reunification. did.

Dornan explained: “I’m very curious to know what it’s like. I’m more willing than ever in my life to talk about it, and I’m very open-minded to ideas about it.”

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“The wrong word has been used for so long that it tells people not about the sentimentality of the word or the flag that’s on it, but about what it does for health, education, economics, real everyday life things. We need ” bulls that have been destroying this place for years. ”

Northern Ireland has been one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom, along with Scotland, England and Wales, since 1921. Its future has been the subject of long-standing debate, particularly regarding the possibility of a united Ireland. A united Ireland would involve Northern Ireland merging with the Republic of Ireland to form a single sovereign state.

This comes after Liam Neeson said he believed a united Ireland could happen in his lifetime. The Ballymena-born 71-year-old, who has Irish, British and American citizenship and grew up Catholic in a Protestant-majority town, was asked earlier this year if he thought it was possible for the island of Ireland to be united. Ta.

“I think so,” Neeson told the interviewer. “I think it will, and the UK will be happy. We won’t have to put £50 billion into the Northern Ireland Treasury every year. I think that’s the price now.

“I think it could happen, but everyone needs to be reassured. Protestants in the north of Ireland have a strong voice. We know that if there is to be a united Ireland they must be respected. Their voices must be heard and they must be represented if there is to be a united Ireland. .”

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Dornan will reprise his role in The Tourist, a story about a car accident survivor who loses his memory and searches for his true identity. The latest season, filmed in Ireland, was described by Dornan as similar to “an advertisement for Tourism Ireland”.

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