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Jamie Dornan’s new season of ‘The Tourist’ is an Irish ad

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The actor, from Hollywood, County Down, told the Irish Post he was grateful to the Irish staff he worked with on the film.

The Tourist follows Elliot (Dornan), a road accident survivor from Northern Ireland who suffers from amnesia and attempts to retrace his life before unraveling a larger mystery. All the action takes place while Elliot is stranded in the Australian outback.

The second series focuses on Elliot and apprentice constable Helen Chambers (played by Daniel Macdonald) as they continue to search for answers regarding his identity. In doing so, they are forced to face the dangerous consequences of his past actions.

The second series will be filmed in Ireland and viewers will have the chance to see the results early next week.

Dornan said this will be a big change for audiences.

He said: “We hope you enjoy it as much as the first series. We’re offering something a little different, purely geographically. The color of the outback, its scale, the horror of it were a major character in the first series. I feel it.”

“This time we removed that and suddenly moved from the orange dirt of the outback to the green environment of Ireland, especially in the first episode, which is like an advertisement for Tourism Ireland.

“It’s something different and I hope people get on board with it and get the same kind of satisfaction as the first series. The humor is all there and the story is just as crazy as the first series.”

The Tourist S2

Dornan will also serve as executive producer of the new series.

Regarding his experience as a producer, Dornan said: “It was great. He was one of the opportunities that was given to me and I was excited to do it.

“It’s also great to be able to do it from a position where we already have relationships with all the stakeholders and come into this space having already put so much effort into the project.

“It was nice to have a little more say in the creative aspects of the show, and I’m proud of it.”

He added that the stunts in the intense, high-action series proved challenging.

“I had to hang off a cliff for a long time. I was put in a harness, but you couldn’t really see. And the whole point of this scene is that I had to hang from a cliff for a ridiculously long time.” It’s just hanging there for a while,” he said.

“So this is what it means to film it, but I was hanging there for a really long time, and I have a dodgy shoulder and I really paid the price for hanging there all morning. It was.

“That was the trickiest and most tedious scene to shoot because I’m an old man and my shoulders don’t move.”

One of his favorite parts about this new season is that Dornan “loved filming with Danielle McDonald.”

He added: “We have an incredibly strong bond. We had a strong bond on the set of the first series, but the bond blossomed even more in the second series as we spent more scenes together. I did,” he added.

“We trust each other so much. Whenever we do a big scene together in a series, it’s great to do it with Daniel because we know we’re going to approach it the same way and with the same frequency.” was.”

“I also loved working with Mark McKenna, who plays Fergal on this film, and there were some emotional scenes.

“There’s a guy who was in the woods early on when I was full of energy during the second week of shooting. When I look back on all the shoots we did with him, I remember them very fondly.”

Speaking about filming the new series near his home, Dornan said: “It’s been amazing. On the first day of filming we were in Kilpedar in Wicklow and we were walking through the trees and there was the worst rain I’d ever seen. When I arrived there, I realized that this is what it’s like to make a film in Ireland.

“It’s been three or four years since we shot here so I had completely forgotten about it, but Ireland is beautiful.

“I’ve been to parts of Ireland that I’ve never been to before.

“We mainly shot in Dublin and Wicklow, but we were able to travel a little further out of town to showcase just how beautiful Ireland is.

“It was so much fun working with an Irish crew with a similar sense of humour. It was a dream to film here.”

All episodes of series 2 of The Tourist will be available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Monday 1 January, with the first episode broadcast on BBC One at 9pm.

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