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Just a month after ‘infidelity’ rumors, Princess Mary is not seen in family video celebrating

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Just a month after “infidelity” rumors rocked the Danish royal family, Princess Mary was nowhere to be seen in a new celebratory family video.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark took to Instagram today to share a video of him and his four children’s sweet celebration wishing the Danish astronaut a happy Christmas.

He captioned the video: “For the first time, Danes are celebrating Christmas in space.” Before the Crown Prince’s family traveled to Aarhus for Christmas, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince called from Earth to the International Space Station and was joined by astronaut Andreas. I made a wish for Mogensen,” she captioned the photo. ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’.

“The connection was a little unstable, but it led to a long conversation between the Crown Prince and the astronaut.

crown princess mary

Just a month after ‘infidelity’ rumors, Princess Mary is not seen in family video celebrating


“The special Christmas phone call piqued the curiosity of the children of the Crown Prince and Princess, and the Crown Prince and Princess joined in the conversation one after another, with Andreas Mogensen, in particular, giving Their Royal Highnesses a tour of the space station.”

Royal fans commented below the video in confusion as Frederic’s wife, Crown Princess Mary, was nowhere to be seen, despite all four children appearing.

One confused royal observer wrote: “Where is Mary?”

Another said: “Merry Christmas everyone. But I’m really sad that I won’t be able to see Crown Princess Mary.”

princess mary and prince frederick

Princess Mary and Prince Frederick’s four children all appear in the video


Similarly, another added: “Princess Mary? Why isn’t she there?”

A royal fan commented: “Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all, but where is Mary?”

“All these videos wouldn’t be the same without her.”

One social media user defended Mary, saying: “I completely understand people’s concerns about the Crown Princess, but Mary is only human too.

princess mary and prince frederick

Princess Mary and Prince Frederick attended King Charles’ coronation in May this year.


Casanova strongly denied any romantic relationship with the Danish prince in a statement last month.

“I categorically deny any comments suggesting a romantic relationship between Prince Frederick and me,” she said.

“These types of statements are not only completely false, they maliciously distort the facts.

“This is now in the hands of my lawyers, who will take appropriate steps to protect my honor, truth, and privacy rights.”

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