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Kerry woman, first baby born in Ireland in 1964, celebrates milestone birthday

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Frieda Purcell Killorglin will celebrate her 60th birthday on New Year’s Day. She was first born in Ireland on New Year’s Day in her 1964 year. Her photo is with her mother Bridie.Photo credit: Michael G. Kenny

Birthdays are very special days, but for one Killorglin woman, it’s even more important considering that her birthday falls on New Year’s Day.

And more importantly, Frieda Purcell was born at 12:03am on New Year’s Day 1964, making her the first baby born in Ireland that year and, of course, the first baby in County Kerry.

Frieda was born at Killarney District Hospital to parents John and Bridie Purcell, weighing 8lb 3oz. Her mother Bridie, who celebrated her 80th birthday in September, still remembers all the commotion when her baby was born.

She recalls being given £25, a large sum at the time, and a pram, and of course the baby made headlines.

“At that time, people came to see the baby and it was a big deal,” Frida said on behalf of the mother.

“She was shocked by it at the time.”

The birth was difficult for Bridie and she was lucky that she did not die, but thanks to the wonderful staff including Dr Billy O’Sullivan who was in Killarney at the time, everything went well in the end and babies Frieda and Bridie were given birth in publicity. I immersed myself in it. for a moment.

In fact, she ended up making headlines that year too, as she was named Tayto Baby of the Year in County Kerry in 1964.

Frida’s birthdays have been special ever since, and her 21st birthday grabbed headlines when readers met her baby for the first time in 21 years on New Year’s Eve 1964.

Her 60th birthday will be celebrated with even more fanfare this year, marking 60 years since her first baby was born in Ireland.

Frida came from a family of eight and was her mother’s second child, with a total of five girls and three boys. Sadly, both her husband John and her three children have passed away, making family events even more important.

As an adult, Frida said that her birthday was like everyone else’s, and in fact, since her birthday was so close to Christmas, she could only receive one present to mark the occasion.

There may be even more presents for Frida this year as she celebrates a milestone birthday.

Frida said, “I’m planning to go out with my family on New Year’s Eve to celebrate this event.”

Frieda lives with her mother Bridie in Lawnview, Killorglin, and works at St Mary’s of the Angels in Beaufort, marking a new milestone this year as she celebrates 44 years of service on January 28th. It turns out.

Frieda says she loves her job and couldn’t be happier working with the young adults at the community house, and plans to celebrate her birthday with them.

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