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Nordisk Film Cinemas launches new Bioplus Unlimited subscription service

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– For a monthly fee of 30 euros, users receive unlimited access to all regular screenings at 23 Nordisk Film Cinemas theaters in Denmark.

Nordisk Film Cinemas launches new Bioplus Unlimited subscription service

Fønix Cinema in Odense, one of 23 Nordisk Film Cinemas theaters in Denmark

Denmark’s Nordisk Film Cinemas recently launched a new service to draw more audiences to its 23 theaters. A new subscription product called Bioplus Unlimited gives users unlimited access to all regular movie screenings.

Bioplus Unlimited applies to all movies and time slots, including 3D and 4DX screenings. Exceptions are non-regular screenings such as concerts, operas, and special events. The service has a 4-month binding period and costs 229 Danish crowns (approximately 30.70 euros) per month.

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Movie tickets in Denmark typically cost between 120 and 150 Danish crowns (16.10 euros to 20.10 euros), according to recent figures released by Swedish research firm Mediavision. In addition, the subscription product offers a discount of 20 Danish crowns (2.70 euros) when purchasing his second ticket for the screening.

To date, Denmark has the “highest film penetration rate among the Nordic countries.” In detail: “In an average month in the fall of 2023, 35% of Danish households purchased at least one movie ticket. [whilst] Sweden has the lowest proportion of households spending money on movies among the Nordic countries, reaching 25% of households on average. ”

Cineuropa reached out to martin magid, Nordisk Film Cinemas. Digging into why the company decided to launch his Bioplus Unlimited, he revealed: “We have been testing a subscription product in Aalborg for two years, and it has been a success. During our testing, we found that many subscribers watched blockbusters multiple times, and that subscribers watched niche movies more than once. We observed that people watch movies more frequently. If people are already paying a monthly fee to watch movies, they are willing to take risks by trying additional movies or watching the same movie again. there is no.

“Based on the success of our tests, we believe this initiative will increase total attendance at cinemas and create a larger audience for the many excellent domestic and international films shown in our cinemas.”

The service was officially launched on November 28th. Regarding his initial reputation, he says: “So far, our customers have warmly welcomed this product. There is no expiration date, but we will carefully evaluate performance and determine whether changes are needed.”

Focusing on the audience segment that subscription products seek to capture, Majid explains: “Although our product primarily appeals to frequent movie-goers, our reach extends beyond that and we have also been successful in attracting infrequent moviegoers. , proving its wide appeal and diverse target audience.

“A closer look at our subscriber base reveals an interesting picture: more than a third of the people currently attracted to our services are people under the age of 27. We’re pleased to see that our products are primarily attracting a younger demographic, and we hope this will encourage more people to go to the movies more often in the future.”

Majid touched on the current state of theatrical exhibition in Denmark, acknowledging that the sector is “going through a difficult year, both due to the coronavirus and the impact of COVID-19.” [SAG-AFTRA] The strike spread throughout the value chain, including in Denmark.

“While the industry as a whole is working hard to return guest numbers to pre-COVID movie levels, we are not there yet. Additionally, projections for 2024 remain below the level. [circa 12 million admissions in Denmark]. For example, as before COVID-19, it is paramount that we are able to offer our guests a continued and rich selection of films, and even more important that we maintain an optimistic outlook as we look to the future. At the same time, we believe that our new subscription product will act as a catalyst for the Danish film value chain by encouraging frequent viewing and thereby increasing visitor numbers. ” he sums up.

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