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Rainy days and starry skies: Denmark’s year-end weather

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Year-end weather in Denmark: rainy days and starry skies

As the year draws to a close, Denmark is preparing for: wet and slimy Moving into the new year, according to the forecasts of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). Jesper Eriksen, DMI’s on-duty meteorologist, predicts the following conditions: Scattered showers and varying cloud cover All over the country. However, the skies will continue to be clear at night, and the last full moon of the year will make it possible to see the stars.

A starry night amidst the slimy days

Despite the damp weather during the day, the night sky becomes increasingly clear.Eriksen predicts that Mainly stargazing Occurs in most locations, especially at 01:33 on full moon nights. The contrast between rainy days and clear nights paints a picture of a country in between seasons, and the days ahead are likely to be difficult. complicated winter weather.

Unstable New Year’s Eve weather

However, the weather forecast for New Year’s Eve remains uncertain. There is currently disagreement among weather models, and a low-pressure system developing over Northern Europe risks cloud cover and precipitation at the end of the year. Although it is too early to tell whether this scheme will have an impact on Denmark, DMI More reliable predictions In the next few days.

Weather patterns in this region

The country’s weather patterns are variable, with conditions hovering between freezing and melting snow, resulting in slush, wind, sunshine, and showers. The weather forecast for the days leading up to the New Year calls for a minimum temperature of 2°C and a maximum of 9°C. Wind speeds are expected to be between 15 and 50 km/h, and showers and snow are expected to vary in intensity throughout the week.

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