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Roastery Coffee House Expands to Finland, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld

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<p>Roastery Coffee House is expanding into the Finnish market with plans to open in Helsinki.</p>
<p>“/><figcaption class=Roastery Coffee House is expanding into the Finnish market with plans to open in Helsinki.

Founded in 2017 as a specialty coffee roaster in Hyderabad to foster coffee culture and bring coffee lovers together, Roastery Coffee House brought its heritage to Finland through a three-day pop-up in Helsinki in early December. We are expanding.

Indian Coffee Farms passionately believes in growing coffee trees in an environmentally friendly manner in dense forests and producing the finest shade-grown Arabica coffee. Unlike other coffee producing countries, India does not grow coffee commercially and believes in becoming one with nature without compromising the biodiversity of the forests. Roastery Coffee House is committed to dramatically raising awareness of India’s specialty coffees and their farmers, and promoting India’s sustainable coffee growing practices to the world.

Alongside the operational website, Roastery Coffee House will be holding regular pop-ups until March 2024, preparing for the grand opening of Roastery Coffee House Cafe in Helsinki. They are committed to providing a sustainable and zero-waste ethos, offering their customers a wide variety of Indian coffees from farms such as Togarihunkal Farm, Barbara Farm, and Tribo Farm.

Expressing his excitement over this milestone, Mr. Nishant Sinha, founder of Roastery Coffee House, commented: It’s about creating an experience and a journey of taste. What started as a small venture dream to make specialty coffee available in India, Roastery Coffee House is now making global waves by establishing the name of Indian brands in Europe. The decision to expand into Finland stems from the shared passion for premium coffee between our two countries. ”

During the pop-up, Roastery Coffee House gathered valuable feedback. In just three days, sales of 250 bags of freshly roasted coffee beans and over 200 cups of specialty coffee were strong, highlighting the appeal of the brand. Recognizing the resonance of the story behind Indian coffee, the journey from farm to cup, the brand is now poised to highlight India’s supremacy in producing premium coffee. There will be a new focus to emphasize the traceability and sustainable practices that are ingrained in coffee cultivation in India.

What sets this brand apart is their dedication to perfect brewing. Our coffee is meticulously crafted using unique world-class techniques such as French presses, Aeropresses, pour-overs, and siphons. But it doesn’t stop there. Roastery Coffee House innovates in the cup by infusing the blend with fresh ingredients like cardamom and cinnamon, creating a symphony of flavors.

  • Published December 28, 2023 at 7:00 PM IST

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