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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Russian diplomat says Finland will be the first to suffer from NATO expansion

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Mikhail Ulyanov

Mikhail Ulyanov

Mikhail Ulyanov, head of Moscow’s international organization in Vienna, said in an interview with RIA Novosti propaganda broadcast on December 27 that in the event of an escalation between NATO and Russia, Finland would be the first to suffer.

“They are [Finland] “They were living calm and peacefully and suddenly found themselves between Russia and NATO as an integral part of the alliance, but they are our neighbors and God forbid, If we make things worse, Finland itself will be the first to suffer,” Ulyanov said.

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According to Ulyanov, increasing defense cooperation between the United States and Finland is a serious challenge for Russia, as it would give the US military access to bases in the country.

Ulyanov is known for sparking a high-profile online spat in 2022 when he argued with an account from the pro-Ukrainian organization NAFO that used a Shiba Inu avatar.

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The diplomat’s line, “You said this nonsense, not me,” became a viral meme.

Ulyanov unwittingly continues to entertain online while staunchly defending Russia’s political positions.

After launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia accused “Western countries” of waging a “puppet war” and threatened to build up troops on its western border after Finland joins NATO.

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