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The real attraction of Italy’s gorgeous Lake District is Lake Lugano

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Sandwiched between the snow-capped mountains of Monte Brere and Monte San Salvatore, Lake Lugano’s glistening glaciers and mountain range make it one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, making it a must-see on your Europe bucket list in 2024. It’s well worth seeing.

Visit Lake Lugano with GH

On the shores of the lake lies Lugano. Lugano is the main city of the small but perfectly formed Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Thanks to its attractive waterfront setting, lavish casinos, and devoted celebrity fans, George Clooney is often seen riding Harleys around Lugano, known as Switzerland’s Monte Carlo. Masu.

Sandwiched between the two, Lugano is less than an hour from both Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, making it the perfect day trip (or longer) for the next day. italian lake vacation.

One of Lugano’s main claims to fame is that it hosted the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. This exciting new pan-European song contest, inspired by Italy’s Sanremo Festival, was held in Lugano, primarily as a radio show. For those who have a television, there is a camera to record the event.Only seven countries participated and Switzerland’s Lis Asia won with this song. refrain.

A perfect blend of Swiss efficiency and Italian charm, Lugano is unlike any other place in Europe. Narrow cobbled streets, pastel-colored neoclassical mansions, artisan chocolatiers and luxury watch shops are all typical of Switzerland, while exclusive wine bars, stylish A restaurant and an elegant 19th-century coffee house all offer a fashionable Italian atmosphere.

Things to do in Lake Lugano

visit a museum

Despite its compact size, Lugano is certainly not lacking in culture. The centerpiece of this is the Lugano Arts and Culture Center. It is a stark modernist building on the waterfront that resembles a giant rectangular shark. One of the most popular museums in Switzerland is the Italian Svizzera Museum (MASI), with a rich collection of Ticino art from the 19th century to today. Overlooking the lake, this contemporary cultural center also includes a 1,000-seat concert hall that hosts classical and contemporary concerts and shows.

Get the best views of the Alps

Lugano is also famous for its cable cars. One of three cable cars in the city, the cherry-red cable car runs with cuckoo-clock efficiency between the business district and the city’s Old Town. For the best views of the Alps and lakes, take one of the two mountain funiculars that take you to the tops of Monte Bre and Monte San Salvatore.

Visit water attractions

Of course, the best way to truly experience the beauty of Lake Lugano is from the water. Amal will feel as glamorous as his Clooney as we cruise around the lake to the small hamlet of Caprino for lunch in a polished teakwood cruiser. Lake Lugano is dotted with small caves. It is a small lakeside tavern, usually built around a cave and shaded by trees.

San Rocco Cave is one of the best caves. As we sit at a red-checked table overlooking the lake, the charming owner-chef Michel prepares us with polenta, gorgonzola, barbecued lake fish, and a “Strangled Priest” pasta strozza with Ticino sausage and red. They serve local dishes such as “preti” one after another. wine.

Lake Lugano

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Visit the 13th century castle of Bellinzona

One of Switzerland’s major UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bellinzona’s three 13th-century castles are a must-see on any trip. Lake Lugano vacation. Just a short train ride from Lugano, you can easily stroll between Castelgrande Castle, Montebello Castle and Sasso He Corballo Castle, exploring its ramparts, towers and grassy gardens. Be sure to try the region’s famous Ticinera salami, which is aged in the cool cellars of Montebello Castle.

go hiking

If you’re staying on the south shore of Lake Lugano, you can take the century-old mountain railway from Caporago to Monte Generoso for an afternoon hike. After lunch, walk the panoramic trail that loops along the ridge and offers stunning views of the mountain range. And don’t miss a peek at the Grotto dell’Orso, the excavated ruins of an ancient bear cave.

Lake Lugano

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People watching in the old town

The real beauty of vacationing in Lugano is that it’s easy to do almost nothing and just enjoy the atmosphere. At its heart is Plaza de Riforma, the city’s neoclassical main square, lined with dimly lit pastel mansions and sidewalk cafes, and a perfect place to sit with an espresso or spritz and watch the world whirl. It’s a place.

How to get to Lake Lugano

You can fly to Lake Lugano from Milan Malpensa Airport, and the lakeside town is just over an hour’s drive away. You can also fly into Zurich and take a scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps to Lugano. Opened in 2016, the Gotthard Base Tunnel is the world’s longest railway tunnel, running 55 miles through the Alps. The travel time between Zurich and Lugano will be reduced by around 60 minutes, allowing easy access to the lake within two hours.

You can visit Lake Lugano as part of a 7-night tour. travel without planes To a lake in Italy in 2024. For more information, visit our holiday website for more information exclusive to us. excellent housekeeping trip.

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