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Monday, July 22, 2024

Former Roma player Bryan Reynolds reflects on ‘difficult’ days in Italy

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Former Roma fullback Brian Reynolds has reflected on his difficult transition from MLS to Italian football and subsequent move to Belgium.

In an interview with fetval newsReynolds, who made the permanent move to Westeros after an initial loan spell from Roma, said he found it difficult to adapt to the Italian lifestyle and was unable to earn playing time under Roma manager Jose Mourinho. Told.

“It’s very different. In America I knew everything, and in Rome it was completely different. To be honest, I was too busy. I realized that this is one of the most historic cities in the world. There are many other temptations. I don’t come from a wealthy family, so when you go abroad for the first time, it’s tempting to spend a lot of money in such an environment.”

“Moreover, the period at Roma was not an easy period for me because I didn’t play much. It’s completely different in Westerlo. It’s very quiet here and you can concentrate completely on football, so that’s good. This too It helped us have a good season last year.”

“I didn’t expect to start playing for Roma right away. I expected there would be an adjustment period. I arrived at the club in January but the coach (Paulo) who wanted to keep me there Fonseca left at the end of that season. Jose Mourinho replaced him. I didn’t have much of a chance to play with him, but that’s how it is in football. But I went from there. I was able to learn as well.”

“Now I know what is expected of me at such a high level. I learned a lot from the players who played in my position, how they handle things, how they take care of themselves, etc. That’s where I learned about the real pressure of soccer. If you get lost in Rome, it’s better not to go out.”

“I didn’t have much contact with Mourinho. He had a starting team and he focused on them above all. Sometimes he would talk to me and give me advice. I accepted it and tried my best. But he… He is still a great coach who has already proven a lot. I also learned a lot from him during my training. The intensity he puts into every training session is unprecedented for me. He brings something out of players like no other.”

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