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Top 7 Irish food and drink trends predicted for 2024

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It’s time for pizzeria pizza and truck bed pastel de nata to make way for a new crowning glory.

As we say goodbye to 2023, which will undoubtedly be remembered as the longest year in history, here at Lovin we’re looking to the future. As someone who closely follows the food and beverage scene, here’s what I think will happen in the new year. Will hot dog sales skyrocket? Will raclette be on the menu of every cafe in town? Will there be more pastel de nata shops popping up in Dublin? We look at the tea leaves, stare into the crystal ball, and look forward to the year ahead. We have revealed what the future trends will be.

7. Spicy seasoning

Spicy seasonings like sriracha, chili oil, hot sauce, and other condiments that have been with us for a long time are making their way into mainstream cuisine, and things are about to get spicy, even spicy. Expect your taste buds to be stimulated by fiery fermented ramen toppings, African-style chili oil, and pepper-infused spirits. AA Caribbean is already leading the competition with its range of hot pep chutneys and jerk marinades.

6 Anywhere cacio e pepe e

While straight pasta has held its place for years, cacio e pepe is expected to surpass pasta and become the unexpected flavor of the year. We’ve already discovered Mani’s cacio e pepe dip and cacio e pepe butter at Kikki’s, and in 2024 we’ll be making this peppery, creamy sauce a modern addition without any tweaks. We predict that the Italian style menu will not be completed.

5. Advantages of wine bars

We’ve seen a lot of wine bars make the leap in 2023, but what’s so interesting about the new openers is that they don’t ooze wine odor. Bar Pez, Row Wines, and Cellar 22 are all shining examples of wine bars that stock classics and a few natural wines (to keep things quirky and interesting). What we see in his prediction for 2024 is an increase in this classic, sophisticated type of wine bar where you can meet friends and enjoy a glass of Burgundy.

4. Hot dogs are hot.

Full disclosure, I included this in my 2023 trends list, but while it didn’t quite materialize, I think 2024 will be the year of hot dog supremacy. With several pop-ups held throughout the year and a few wiener-only nights, New York-style hot dog joints temporarily supplant burgers and pizza as the meaty main choice (again). ) is predicted. 2022 saw the arrival of three hot dog he openers in Dublin alone, with toppings ranging from peanut butter to avocado slices, but we’re sure it won’t end there.

3. Slice pizza

Dublin has seen a huge rise in pizza popularity over the past few years. You can’t move around the city without bumping into hand-stretched Neapolitan-style bases. That’s exactly how we like it. But when it comes to sliced ​​pizza, we have a long way to go. Di Fontaine has flown the flag on Parliament Street for the past 20 years, helping us through the difficult times after Workmans. And this year, Bambino opened. Stephen Street Lower attracts a lot of attention. As post-pandemic life becomes busier than ever, the appeal of slice-on-the-go speaks for itself, with Drury Street’s Mani not the last opening of this style we’ll see. I feel that there is not.

3. Botanical and floral-based hyperfiction

A version of this ‘trend’, known for our high quality ingredients and deep foundations in their production, has been emerging in the Irish drinks industry over the last few years. However, the appearance of flowers and plants as décor on cocktails, desserts and savory dishes is expected to increase significantly. Seen as an extension of the burgeoning wellness trend, these interesting flavors come in the form of herbs, petals, and elixirs packed with health benefits, vitamins, and antioxidants. Expect to see a lot of hedge foraging and a sense of seasonality, further strengthening the connection between customers and the location. We’ve already seen the wonderful Still Garden Distillery lead the way in producing Ireland’s first Chartreuse-style herbal liqueur.

Buoy 43 is a yellow herbal liqueur made using socially sourced botanicals including Irish honey, lemon balm, cloves, anise and a variety of other herbs. Grass 55 uses some of the same herbs, but with a lemon balm, peppermint, and sage base. , all harvested from community gardens

2. The rise of snacks

did someone say girls dinnerThe TikTokification of food has led to some interesting trends, many of which are as easy and customizable as the app’s content.? Fast inputs and high-yield production have led to butter boards, sea cuterie and charcuterie boards, and simple, easy-to-understand dishes. Despite their simple preparation, these dishes have a sense of occasion, especially since they are often eaten in communal settings. Having a variety of picky bits on one board is an easy way to use up and consume leftovers in a reimagined way.

1 Lil Treat Treatin’

We recently announced Lil Treat, a new video series celebrating the importance of little luxuries just for you. Stresses like cozy living, war, and the rise of the far right are undoubtedly affecting us all, so we need sumptuous dishes to keep us going at once. This unique luxury food trend ranges from expensive pastries to normally unavailable luxury items such as canned fish and caviar. There are some things that are impractical in a group but manageable (sometimes) alone. This trend will go beyond traditional meals and inject luxury into simple everyday dishes.

Do you have a mile-ahead prediction? Let us know!

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