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Saturday, July 20, 2024

WJC Day 2 Summary: Germany surprises Finland!

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WJC Day 2 Recap: Germany surprises Finland! – Stanley Cup Chowder

Game 1: Adam Gajan upsets Switzerland as Slovakia wins 3-0

Are you okay! I think Slovaks are good! Even if they are sleepwalking during the game!

game memo

  • Slovakia made it this far with some crazy, high-skill play, and left the rest to netter Adam Gajan. Switzerland outscored Slovakia in almost every period, and thanks to solid defense and a brave performance from Gajan, the Czechs looked like the team they were meant to be. He is tenacious, has offensive talent and is in good shape.
  • Unfortunately, the Swiss are as advertised. Miss a lot of shots…no real finish to back it up. If they can’t find a scoring touch anywhere in that lineup, it could be a long tournament for them. Oh yeah, next we have to play against America. A cruel world.

Game 2: Germany defeats Finland in the classic 4-3!

This game has set rules.

Finland is in a difficult situation.

game memo

  • The second period of this game was unreal. Both teams raced for goals, and a once-in-a-million fall from a Finnish defender created a golden chance for a team that most expected to be dealt with and sent to the relegation round.
  • Niklas Kokko will no longer be a starter for the Finnish national team.The Finns did it just They did everything in their power to make Germany’s chances more dangerous than before, but Cocco was the last line of defense and a fourth goal by the team in white was something they couldn’t afford to give up if they were serious. Ta. Shooter all the way.
  • Also…what exactly is the violation? I thought Finland would have a high scoring ability this year. They have players who can score goals, who can score goals, who have scored goals, but they don’t do nearly enough to make this work. The Finns need to work on figuring this out quickly or they might consider leaning against Latvia as a potential program saver.
  • Anyway, Canada actually has a pretty tough game going in their group, with Latvia stumbling to Germany. Bruised and bloody.

Game 3: Czech Republic beat Norway 8-1

Would you believe me if I told you that the game lasted about 30 minutes and was actually closer than the score indicated?

game memo

  • Czech Republic is weird. It was only after Jiri Klich scored twice and then sat there for an astonishingly long time, allowing the Norwegians the first goal of the match, that they finally realized that they were indeed capable of Indicated. Just scoring goals and crushing it in the second and third period. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but they’ve encountered a troublingly slow start and could (and already have) jumped to a hungry team. For example, no hypotheticals come up at all… What about America?
  • Norway is trying hard, dude.they have Several It’s worth discussing, but the difference in talent is too big. On Friday, they take on a hopeless Finland and the hits don’t stop.

Game 4: Canada beats Latvia 10-0

Now, when I say that this year is a good year for Latvia, you must understand that it is an important year all It’s a round robin game, not the first two games. They will give the impression that you are way above their heads.

game memo

  • So remember last time I said “Sweden was just better out of spite”? Yes, that was the case tonight. Just more difficult. Everything I said in the previous recap was bolder and louder.
  • Bruins outlook for this game: Dans Locmeris will probably be shifted 4 times as it is. He didn’t score, but he played 19 minutes and 21 seconds tonight. Meanwhile, Poitras sleepwalked through another late goal! He has now played in two tournaments.

today’s match

  • Switzerland vs USA
  • germany vs sweden

Today’s personal picks:

Honestly, look at Germany and Sweden. Both of these games are expected to be big losses, but it’s even more fun to see the home crowd go wild for it. Or whatever the Swedes consider ballistic.

Honestly, Friday’s game was more interesting.

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