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Denmark to revoke temporary residence permits for returning refugees

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Denmark’s parliament has decided that from January 1, 2024, refugees living in Denmark will have their temporary residence permits revoked if they travel to their home country.

According to a report by, in a vote held on December 7, 2023, Parliament supported an amendment to the Alien Law that at some point plans to cancel temporary residence permits for refugees who return to their home countries. did.

Previously, only those who returned within 10 days of obtaining a residence permit were at risk of having their residence permit revoked.

The decision was announced through a statement on the website New to Denmark, jointly run by the Danish Immigration Agency and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

Once the new rules come into force, Danish immigration authorities will conclude that there is no longer a risk of persecution for people traveling to their homeland, regardless of how long they have held a residence permit in Denmark.

Your residence permit may be revoked if we determine that you are no longer at risk of persecution in your home country. Previously, we assumed that a refugee would only be at risk of persecution in his home country if he traveled to his home country within 10 years of receiving a residence permit for the first time. This 10-year limit will be repealed by the new rules.

Danish Immigration Office

Refugees who returned before January 1, 2024 are not affected by the new rules. At the same time, unaffected people will remain refugees with permanent residence permits or refugees with residence permits for reasons other than asylum.

According to the Immigration Department, there are several ways a refugee can lose their temporary residence permit in Denmark. The most common is fraud. This means that the refugee provided false information to the Danish authorities and only learned about it after the Danish authorities granted them permission to stay.

If you are found to have obtained a residence permit by providing false information to the authorities, the Immigration Department has the right to revoke your residence permit. This applies whether you have a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit.

Danish Immigration Office

Other situations include when a refugee travels to their home country, frequently travels abroad, or is considered a threat to national security, public order, safety, or health.

On December 15, reported that Ukrainians under temporary protection in Norway risk losing their residence permits if they travel to Ukraine. Until now, Ukrainians were the only nationality exempted from this rule in Norway.

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