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Finland considers boycotting Eurovision over Israel’s participation.Irish PM supports Israeli inclusion

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Noah Kirel performs “Unicorn” representing Israel in the first semi-final of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Controversy over Israel’s participation in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest comes as more countries speak out about Israel’s participation in the international contest, citing Israel’s military operation against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip The situation is intensifying because of this.

Last week, the Uden Mushikin Kirpile (UMK), the Finnish singing competition that will select Finland’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö, Sweden, in May, announced that it is unclear whether Finland will participate in next year’s singing competition. He said it remains unclear. About the Israel-Hamas war.

“The situation in the Middle East is alarming and serious, and we are equally concerned. Finland’s pre-contest has become an important event that will be held regardless of Finland’s participation in Eurovision.” UMK wrote on his Instagram story and is also saved in his Instagram highlights. “Regarding Eurovision, the management of Finnish Public Broadcasting has received updates on the situation and is in discussions with the European Broadcasting Union and other Nordic countries.”

The Finnish representative will be one of the seven artists announced on January 10th, and the UMK contest to announce the winner will be held on January 10th. February 10.

Irish state broadcaster RTE has received hundreds of emails urging people to boycott Eurovision if Israel participates due to the Gaza war, and Irish Labor politicians have also received hundreds of emails urging them to boycott Eurovision if Israel participates because of Israel’s participation. asked them to withdraw.

However, Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Michael Martin said at a recent press conference that they do not support boycotting the singing competition because of Israel.

“For us to unilaterally boycott something just because Israel is there, whether it’s Eurovision or the Olympics or boxing or cycling, to me it’s just a matter of hurting face. It’s like biting off,” Mr Varadkar said. “I don’t think it’s the right thing to do for Ireland to unilaterally boycott any sporting event, music event or competition.”

Varadkar added that isolating Israel from the international community and excluding the Jewish state from international competitions like Eurovision could have a negative impact on Middle East peace efforts. He added that in Israel there are “liberals who don’t necessarily support their own government and want a two-state solution. The difficulty of boycotting is that it excludes the people we really need, I think it has the potential to alienate people.” Please get involved. ”

Martin agreed, saying he believed that Israel’s boycott of the Eurovision Song Contest “could be counterproductive” to ending the Israel-Hamas war. “Diplomacy is the only way to end this,” he said in part. “And it also works with neighboring countries in the Middle East.”

Meanwhile, singer Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhchiko (simply known as Ruslana), who won the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine in 2004, recently told Israeli website Euromix that on October 7 He said he stands in solidarity with Israel in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack. She is in the Jewish state. The singer, a former politician and activist and the first winner of Ukraine’s Eurovision contest, spoke out in October about the terrorism faced by Israelis and what Ukrainians are experiencing after Russia’s invasion of their country. He pointed out the similarities.

“I dream of the day when there will be no more alarms, no more missiles will be launched, no more weapons will be used,” she told an Israeli publication.

“I have performed in Israel many times, [but] Your performance at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest will never be forgotten [the national final],” she added. “I have a lot of friends in Israel and I’m tight-lipped about the situation there. I was in Tel Aviv when you hosted Eurovision. [ in 2019]…It was a great moment. ”

There are also campaigns across European countries to restrict Israel’s participation in Eurovision.

In Iceland, the Icelandic Composers and Lyricists Association (FTT) released a statement on December 11, telling the Icelandic National Television (RÚV) that Israel will not participate in Eurovision unless it is disqualified due to war. asked them to refrain from participating. Gaza Strip.

Eurovoir News, a popular outlet for Eurovision fans, announced in November that it would “significantly limit” its coverage of Israel at the Eurovision competition, and called on other journalists and media outlets to do the same.

algeminer We previously reported that the singer, who has been selected to represent Britain at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has signed an open letter accusing Israel of genocide, ethnic cleansing and “crimes against humanity”.

In a statement, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which organizes the international singing contest, rejected calls to boycott Israel and confirmed that the country would indeed take part in the contest.

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