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Finland chose! Windows95 man goes to Malmö!

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Credit: YLE/Nelli Kentä and Miikka Varila

The national final UMK, which is rapidly becoming a favorite of Eurovision fans, is drawing to a close.Now we know who is going to Malmö.

Windows95man will be representing Finland this year in Malmö with the song “No Rules”! After a tense vote, UMK won with 313 points.

Here are all the results:

  1. Windows95man – 313 points
  2. Sarah Siipola – 273 points
  3. Michael Gabriel x Nubre – 178 points
  4. Cyan Kick – 128 points
  5. Jesse Merkin – 110 points
  6. Sex Mane – 108 points
  7. Shini Interference – 65 points

In the international jury vote (25%), Sara Cipolla won by a margin of 32 points over Sian Kix. However, the telephone vote carried more weight (75%), giving Windows95man the victory and taking her from last place on the jury to first place overall.

But voting wasn’t the only thing that mattered all night. YLE put on a great show with multilingual commentary and great hosts

Before the parade of artists, it began with Benjamin’s melody. Interlude acts included this year’s “8th UMK Song,” plenty of talks with artists, and an orchestral version of last year’s entry “Cha, Cha, Cha.”

And it all happened before Windows95man’s greatest moment. See you next time in Malmö!

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