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Finland: Tonight is the grand final of UMK 2024! – Eurovision News | Music

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Big winner of TV voting in eurovision 2023, Finlandwhat tonight chooses is artist Who will represent them? 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be held at malmö in May. 7 artists compete tonight tampere to win Wooden Mushkin Killpile 2024which also means representatives of the Nordic countries. eurovision 2024.


of 7 artists Who will be playing tonight? UMK2024 The final one is:

  1. Shini’s sabotage“Quoli Mua”
  2. cyan kick“Dancing with the Devil”
  3. jesse merkin “Glow”
  4. Michael Gabriel x nublu – “Vox Potpourri”
  5. Sarah Siipola“Pascana”
  6. sex mane “Mania”
  7. Windows95 man “Anything goes!”

Final result

The final result, i.e. grand final winner of Finland national team finals and Finnish representative of eurovision 2024 determined through Combination of public and jury votes.of Finnish citizen have the first major say in, and be shaped by, the final outcome 75% of the final result,The rest twenty five% decided by vote international jury.

spectacle, show, play

Uden Mushkin Killpile 2024 will be held at nokia arena in tampere.of host Finland national team finals Pirvi Hamalainen, Benjamin, Vivi Punpanen.

Of course, apart from the competition part, UMK There will be some other surprises as well. Two of last year’s UMK nominees, KUUMAA and Benjaminwe are planning an opening.

At the same time, as part of the interval act, last year’s winner Kaliya and legendary erika vikman They are scheduled to appear on stage together and perform a destructive duet.

of grand final of UMK2024 starts from 20:00 (Central European Time) Click here to watch on the Finnish Public Television website. here.

last year’s UMK winner Therefore, this country representative in liverpool was Kaliya and “Cha cha cha” and finished with Second placethe country’s best result since winning the contest in 2006 in athens.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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