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Finland’s Marimekko and Japan’s Uniqlo reunite for new collaboration

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December 26, 2023

Combining Finnish design and Japanese innovation, Marimekko and Uniqlo launch a new limited edition collaboration collection aimed at bringing a wave of vibrant, high-quality everyday wear to global markets from January 1st announced.

This collection marks the reunion of the Finnish design house, known for its unique printmaking art, and Uniqlo, the Japanese global clothing retailer known for its simple clothing.

The upcoming line will feature Uniqlo’s winter essentials adorned with Marimekko prints, including designs by Maiya Isola and Penti Rinta, and will feature winter landscapes in pearl grey, muted gold and timeless black. It is reflected. These items provide warmth and style from head to toe, consistent with both brands’ commitment to quality and design, the companies said in a joint media release.

Sannakaisa Niikko, Chief Marketing Officer of Marimekko, expressed her enthusiasm for the new partnership, highlighting the role of this collaboration in increasing Marimekko’s international brand awareness and supporting its growth strategy. . “This collaboration is a great opportunity to introduce Marimekko to many new audiences around the world and offer our customers something fun and surprising,” she said.

Echoing this sentiment, Uniqlo’s head of research and development, Yukihiro Katsuta, revealed the collection’s inspiration was taken from Scandinavian nature and wildlife, with a line that combines Uniqlo’s simplicity with Marimekko’s beautiful prints. promised. This collection aims to provide comfort and style, perfect for enjoying with family and friends.

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